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50 meters Aluminum Roll

We are supplying you 50meters Aluminum roll for food wrap.

  • TY-0033L
  • Tianyu
  • 7607111000
  • $1.5~3.5USD per kg
  • T/T,LC
  • 1000kgs
  • 10 days

We are supplying you 50meters Aluminum roll for food wrap.

Below is Standard chemical composition of the alloy aluminum foil under standard "EN AW 8011"*


Ingredients of   the formula

% In the formula

Aluminum   (Al)

Superior   97%

Iron (Fe)


Silicon (Si)


Manganese   (Mn)


Titanium (Ti)


Copper (Cu)


Zinc (Zn)




The technical information provided here responds to our standard parameters obtained by laboratory analysis. They can not represent the results of analyzes carried out in laboratories outside our own. The dimensional values set in the data sheet may fluctuate 8%.

Food suitability according to UNE EN 515 -UNE TEST IN 546 -UNE EN 573-3 / UNE EN 602 Directive 94/62 EC.

The alloy aluminum foil does not exceed the content of components indicated by the European standard UNE EN 602, with respect to the chemical composition of the metal used for the production of materials and articles.

Containing heavy metals are regulated according to: the EU DIRECTIVE 94/62

31/12/1994 EC and European Regulation EC 1935/2004.

Aluminum roll can reach temperatures up to 400 ° C.


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