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Su Qian Huanyu Plastic Products Co.,Ltd are a professional manufacture of plastic film products including Polyethylene(PE) film, LDPE Film, LLDPE Film,HDPE Film,MDPE Film,Protective film,PE protective Film,LDPE Protective film,PE stretch film, PVC stretch film, Hand Stretch film, Machine Stretch film,Stretch Film For food Wrap, Silage Stretch Film,PVC Cling Film,PE Cling Film,GreenHouse Film, Mulch Film,Packaging Film, Shrink Film,PE Shrink film, PVC film, CPP film,MCPP Film, Polyolefin(POF) shrink film,PVC Shrink Film,Shrink Wrap Film,PVC Twist Film, Metalized PE Film,BOPP Film,BOPP Adhesive Tape,BOPP tape jumbo roll,XPS composit panels,Building Panels,Shower Wall Panels,etc. 
We are offering you industrial and food plastic wrap products with PE,PP,PVC materials,food packaging materials,agricultural plastic products,including greenhouse cover,shade net,agricultural rock wool blocks,etc.
Our food packaging materials are approved by FDA & SGS.It is widely used for food packaging,printing,labels,lamination,bags.Plastic wrap materials mainly are applied to packaging cartons,sealing boxes and collective packaging.Agricultural plastic products are widely used for greenhouse cover,mulch soil cover,seeding,sun shading,hydroponics,etc.
Su Qian Huanyu Plastic Products Co.,Ltd have three branch factories.Head office is Located in Si Yang County, Jiang Su Province, three factories covers an area of roughly 130, 000 square meters and contains 18 advanced production lines. Accordingly, we have an output capability of 300MT Film products per month from each machine, which allows us to offer large capacity orders. Moreover, with our strong R&D competence, we produce roughly 50 different plastic film products
Due to our focus on strict management, high quality production and superior customer service, we believe that we can offer you exemplary products at highly competitive prices. If you are interested in any of our plastic packaging products, Su Qian Huanyu Plastic Products Co.,Ltd can provide the catalyst for a mutually profitable relationship in the future.


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Su Qian Huanyu Plastic Products are a professional manufacturer of  PVC Cling Film,LLDPE Stretch Film,Greenhouse film,CPP Film,PE Film BOPP film,and so on.
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