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Polyethylene film for Diapers and pads

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Polyethylene  film for Diapers and pads of  Purpose of the polyethylene breathing film: used as an intermediate raw material in the production of duplicated non-woven materials, which are subsequently used in the production of hygiene products (diapers, pads).

Below is the detailed specifications for Polyethylene film:


Vapor permeability on each roll g / m2 * 24 hours (not less):

- ASTM E96 (at a temperature of 38 ° C, humidity 90%) - 2000 g / m2 * 24 hours

Water tightness (resistance to penetration of water) EN 20811, WSP 80.6 (05), IS0 9073-16

not less than 350 mm of a water column.

The inner diameter of the paper cartridge is 3 or 6 inches.

The length of the polyethylene film in a roll - 14000 m

Not allowed:

- solid inclusions;

- holes;

- uncoated spots;

- folds in the film;

- uneven winding;

- solid inclusions;

- “stitching” on a roll;

Coronary processing above 42 DIN of the outer side of the film.


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