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Automatic Polyolefin Heat Shrink Wrap Rolls

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Polyolsfin shrink film(POF shrink film) have two types. One is for automatic packaging machine.

The other is for hand use packaging.

Automatic Polyolefin shrink wrap film manufacturing Process are multi layers Cast on Advanced Blown Extrusion Production lines,rewinding machine and seamimg Machines.

 Automatic Polyolefin shrink wrap film have good transparency,powerful tensible strength,and suitable for high speed packaging machinery.The minimum thickness of polyolefins shrink wrap rolls is 10micron.

 Automatic Polyolefin shrink wrap film rolls complies with the requirements of Federal Food,Drug and Cosmetic Act,as amended,for the packaging of all foods,with the exception of high alcoholic,At temperature 65 degree and below.

 The Polyolefin heat shrink rolls Specifications:
Tensible Strength(PSI): ASTM D882-95  LD 20000  TD20000
Elongation at Break(%)  LD/TD:  100/120

Shrinkage:50% to 60%

Width: the maximum 2000mm

Thickness: 12,15,19,23,25um

Approved by SGS FDA food contact.

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