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BOPP Tape Jumbo roll

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We are supply you BOPP Transparent tape Jumbo roll:

BOPP Tape jumbo roll: 1280mm*4000m,1620mm*4000m,500mm*4000m

Masking tape jumo roll: 1020mm*1500m,1250mm*15000m

Kraft tape jumbo roll: 1020mm*1500m

Foam double side jumbo roll:  1020mm*130m:

BOPP Adhesive Tape jumbo roll is made from BOPP (biaxial oriented polypropylene) film coated with acrylic adhesive.

 It is widely used for automatic carton packing machines throughout various industries..

FEATURES of BOPP tape jumbo roll

  • Excellent adhesion and shear properties.

  • Resistance to cold, heat and aging.

  • UV stabilised - won't lift off cartons.

  • High mechanical strength and good impact resistance.

  • Ideal for use in dispensers.

APPLICATIONS of BOPP tape jumbo roll

  • Shipping, packaging, bundling, wrapping.

  • Ideal for sealing of cartons, merchandise, pallets

  • Excellent performer for both hand and machine application.

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