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Black Mulch film

Black mulch film for agricultural cover.

  • TY-008T
  • Tianyu
  • 3920109090
  • $1.5-2.0USD/kg
  • T/T
  • FOB
  • 1000KG
  • 10 days

We are supplying Black agricultural Mulch film for seeding,land cover:

Width: 6000mm

Thickness: 15micron to 40micron

Color: black

With anti UV.

Mulch film Functions:

(1) All our materials are 100% pure LLDPE. So the quality could be guaranteed. 
(2) Saving cost and handling time
(3) Keep warm, stop insect, keep mosit

(4) Great ideals for protecting goods from moisture ,rust and dirt 
(5) Economical materials of unitizing

(6) Environmentally friendly

Black Mulch Film Layer -- Choose for strawberries, grapes, white asparagus, tomatoes, melons , watermelon and other crops.

Brown Mulch FilmLayer -- Choose for strawberries, vegetables and high temperature areas

Clear (Natural) Mulch Film Layer -- Choose cotton, white asparagus and melon

Silver Mulch Film Layer -- Use best in high temperature areas

White Mulch Film Layer-- Choose white/black for tomatoes, cucurbits, eggplant, melons, peppers and other crops that grow in height.

Red Mulch Film--Specifical in tomatoes and strew. Improves yields by increasing red light onto plants that triggers a fruiting response.

Green Mulch Film--Specifical in ginger.There is a testing in China that this film can increase the yields when used it for small tunnel house.


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