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PE shrink film

Views:2     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-06-28      Origin:Site

PE Shrink film is made from LDPE materials.It is a heavy-duty Polyethylene(PE) Shrink film,and mainly is used for the collective package for beer can,paper,door,beverage and drinks ,bottles,building and decorative materials, home appliance, industrial products.

The Features of PE Shrink Film is as followings:

1. Good tensile strength and tear-resistance

2. Excellent shrinkage, gloss and shine after shrinkage

3. Anti-dust, anti -moisture, and water -proof

4. More economic ,save manpower and packing material

PE Shrink Film includes heavy duty shrink bag,Pallet Wrap bag,Single flat,Shrink Tubing,etc.

THe maximum wdith of our PE shrink film products is 1500mm.The thickness is 20micron to 200micron.

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