PET Shrink Film

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PET Shrink Film Manufacturing Process is Cast Process by Polyester Chip. PET shrink film have high shrink ratio of 42%-75%,high transparent and glossy surface finish.
PET Shrink film
with excellent shrinking characteristics. It is applicable in various shrinkable packaging, such as outer wrapping for PET and glass bottles, cans and other kinds of containers. Especially good for full body wrappings, labels and cap seals where high shrinkage is required.

1. The PET shrink film thickness is from 35-50mic
2. Shrinkage from 42-75%
3. Width upto 8.7m
4. LOWER, Medium to super-high shrinkage properties
5. Simple & multiple contours, symmetrical shaped configurations allow for flexibility in container shape and design.
6. Suitable for gravure, flexographic & rotary offset printing
7. Runs on existing printing equipment using conventional inks
8. Works with heat-bar, solvent, hot-melt adhesive & laser seaming
9. Use in steam or hot air shrink tunnels
10. Excellent processability during printing & shrinking (smooth flat seams)
11. No de-lamination
12. High-impact strength
13. Gloss/gloss surface finish
14. Clear, transparent film
15. Attractive total system cost due to high-speed labeling, low scrap rate, quick changeover, and wide-web printing.

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