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Poly Ropes

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We are supplying you Poly Ropes for bundle,packaging.

Rope construction designed with a braided inner core which is coverd with another braided outer sheath.Usually made of nylon,polypropylene multifilament,and polyester,or a combination of those materials.
 The rope can be provided with either a nylon or polypropylene inner core and a polyester outer sheath.  Standard length is 200 mtr or 220 mtr per coil.When ordering,please specify the diam and length of the rope and one or both ends of the rope should be eye spliced.

Features of Double Braided Hawsers
* 30% higher breaking strength than the 3 or 8 strand ropes.
* 30% less stretching/elongation than the 3 or 8 strand ropes.
* Superior abrasion resistance.
* High flexibility and easy handling.
* Splices easily.

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