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SID are developing Greenhouse film plastic cover Project

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Tianyu Plastic are developing a agricultural plastic cover Project,which based on Polyethylene materials,EVA and the two blended Mterials.The Plastic cover systems include Greenhouse cover films,Plastic mulch films and Silage cover for grass storage.

 The three agricultural plastic cover systems have common proterties: Anti-UV,Anti-Drip,Anti dust and light transmission effect.Also,shelf life can up to 4 years.The properties are tested based on standards ASTM D882, CEN TC 249, UNE 53-165, 104, 328.

 The Materials of Polyethylene of low density contains stabilizer installed ultraviolet (UV) which is resistant to ultraviolet rays ,the substance ethylene vinyle estate EVA of tensile strength ,thus, the permeability not less than 88 %.

Tianyu Plastic are seting up the greenhouse cover film,plastic mulch film,silage cover system from Production,Agricultural Plastic cover film manufacturing process,building,application,to Technology Support for farmers.

 To ensure fully supplying and high quality for the products,Tianyu Plastic are importing 16meter-20 meters machinery and other auxiliary equipment. 

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