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Silage Wrap Film Specifications

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Silage Wrap Film Specifications are as followings:
Style      :      Silage Film on A Roll

Size       :      750 mm (Wide) x 1500 metre yield,500mm X 1800mteres

Thickness  :       Black,white,green, 25 Micron – 3 layers

Layer 1 is made up 15.6% metallocene, 2% Exceed Resin 1% anti-UV masterbatch and 4% adhesive masterbatch

Layer 2 is made up 46.8% metallocene, 4% Colors materbatch, 2% anti-UV masterbatch and  2% adhesive masterbatch

Layer 3 is made up 15.6% metallocene, 2% Exceed Resin. 2% Black masterbatch, 1% anti-UV masterbatch and 2% adhesive masterbatch

Inner layer: 5um

Middle layer: 15um

Outer layer: 5um

Silage wrap film Packed:  Supplied on solid plastic cores 75 mm in diameter. (Plastic 5 mm thick rims) each roll to be packed in a box with images and detail printed on the carton.

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