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20Micron to 100 Micron CPP Film

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CPP film namely Cast Polypropylene film mainly for print and lamination grade, metalisablle grade for metalized CPP film, retort grade CPP film
CPP film (cast Polypropylene film)  is a three layers Co-extrusion cast Polypropylene film,and film have lower haze,high slip,and good moisture barrier,and low heat sealing temperature properties
1.Thickness Range: 20-90 um
2. Width Range: 350-3500mm;
3. Type: MCPP, RCPP(Steaming and boiling type), GCPP

The range of CPP film is from 20micron to 100micron.

CPP film Manufacturing Process is 3 layers Co Extuded by PP virgin resin,and the ranges of thickness is from 20micron to 100micron.White CPP are added by color masterbatch.
Plastic CPP film can be used for bags,print,lamination and other packaging.
Cast CPP film have the following types:
  1.Plain CPP film for food Packaging
  2.Lamination Grade CPP Film
  3.VMCPP Film
  4.Retort CPP Film
  5.White CPP Film

The specifications of CPP Rollsare as follwoings:
  Standard Thickness:20,25,30,35,40,50,60,70,80,90microm
  Maximum Width: 2000mm
  Corona treatment: available 1 side 38-42 dyne
  Standard Length per roll: 2000/4000/6000mtr


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