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BOPP Film CPP Film

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  • Dec
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] 20Micron to 100 Micron CPP Film
    We are a professional manufacturer of CPP films,CPP printed Films,CPP Lamination Films.
  • Dec
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] PP Packaging Film
    We are developing plastic PP packaging film project,3,5 layers Co extruded PP film,BOPP film,CPP film:PP film for packaging,lamination.BOPP film,Plain film,lamination film,printed film,metallized film,pearlized BOPP film.CPP film,CPP printed film,retort CPP film.
  • Dec
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] CPP Properties
    CPP film is non oriented polypropylene CAST film for many applications in food packaging and textile packaging, DVD outer sleeve ,lamination,metallized,as well for flower wrapping Main properties:· Excellent mechanical and optical properties· High water vapour barrier· Good resistance to tear
  • Nov
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] White CPP retortable film
    White CPP retortable film for laminating with NY or AL Spec: Retortable 121C for 60 mins Thickness 60micron,70 microns Width 700-720 mm Certificates: SGS,ROHS,REACH
  • Nov
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] BOPP Film technical data
    BOPP Film technical data
  • Oct
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] BOPP Film production lines
    BOPP film production lines:
  • Oct
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] BOPP Thermal Film Roll
    Advantage of BOPP thermal film1. Using One of the best BOPP film in China2. Imported EVA glue and orginal technic makes high adhensive power3. Small quantity acceptable4. Good for spot UV and hot stamping5. Strict quality control and best after-sale serviceSpecification of thermal film Application.
  • Sep
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] PP Cast Film Technical data
    PP cast film for lamination,print,packaging:
  • Aug
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] PP woven Bags
    PP woven bags with printed logo:
  • Aug
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] Crystal clear BOPP Tape
    Crystal clear BOPP tape for sealing carton:
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Su Qian Huanyu Plastic Products are a professional manufacturer of  PVC Cling Film,LLDPE Stretch Film,Greenhouse film,CPP Film,PE Film BOPP film,and so on.
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