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BOPP Film CPP Film

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  • Aug
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] Transparent PP Label

    Transparent PP Label:

  • Jun
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] BOPP bags for stationery,Food packaging

    BOPP bags for stationery,Food packaging,office:

  • May
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] BOPP Plastic Bags

    BOPP Plastic bags for food packaging,thicknes20micron to 40micron.

  • Apr
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] OPP Heat Sealable film

    OPP heat sealable film

  • Jan
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] Colored BOPP Film

    We are providing you colored BOPP film:

  • Oct
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] BOPP Film Products packaging

    BOPP film products packaging solutions.

  • Oct
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] BOPP co extruded film

    We are offering you BOPP co extruded film:

  • Oct
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] BOPP Film Production line

    The Monoslit BOPP film machinery was developed by Gobel in 1986 and,since then,has covered the constantly growing need for machines and coverting technology in BOPP film converting.The successful production line,comprises both the Monoslit with a workingwidth up to 9,000mm.The Darmstadt-based compan

  • Oct
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] Plastic packaging solutions

    Recycling plastic packaging materials does not entirely overcome the basicnegative bias highlighted here.Plastic packaging solutions that differ from conventional plastics in their originor end-of-life options.

  • Oct
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] Biopolymers: the difference for your brand

    What do we expect from contemporary and functional packaging?Primarily,it should protect the products during distribution,storage and transportalong with advertising and presenting a product.Furthermore,we expect barrier properties to help increase shelf-lifefor sensitive foodstuffs.

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