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  • Oct
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] Indian's Effort in Growing flexible packaging film market

    Measures already introduced or planned include simplifying the tax system,simplifying investment procedures in industry,including food processing,

  • Oct
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] Comparison of Flexible packaging market between Indian and China

    Recent research by PCI indicates that the Indian flexible packaging market is set to growby over 17% per annum over the next few years compared with around 10% per annum for China.

  • Oct
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] The latest on breathable film technology

    The last year have showen a rising demand for hygiene products and especially for those withbreathable film.This materials,formerly mainly produced on cast film lines is now shifting towards blown filmfeaturing enhaced properties,less thickness and therefore also big potential for materials and cost savings.

  • Oct
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] Indian flexible packaging growth to outperform China?

    Against a backdrop of uncertain global growth the IMF is forecasting thatIndia's GDP growth will outpace that of a showing Chinese economy next year.What does this mean for the relative propects for flexible packaging in the two countries?

  • Sep
    [BOPP Film CPP Film] Paper-Based pouches a Critical review

    Pouches with an outer layer made of paper are a big trend.The favourable haptics and the better envoiremental friendly reputation of paper might be the main causes for this.The question is does the latter contest the substantive truth of the facts,and how to recycle such products?

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