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45cm x 300meters PVC film Reel food Cling film

45cm x 300meters PVC film for food contact reel.

  • TY-0025L
  • Tianyu
  • 39199090
  • $1.5~3.5USD per kg
  • T/T,LC
  • 1000kgs
  • 15 days

45cm x 300meters PVC film reel food contact.

PVC cling film suitable for contact with food. In accordance with Spanish and European legislation

regarding plastic materials in contact with food. It complies with the Community Regulation

10/2011 of January 14, 2011 and Community Directive 85/572 / CE and the Royal Decree

118 / 2003,1262 / 2005, 866/2008 and 103/2009 as well as successive updates.

According to these, the PVC film is suitable for all types of foods except pure fats and oils,

butter, margarine and other fats of a similar nature with a conversion factor of up to X / 3;

in a prolonged storage at room temperature (max 40º) or lower, including heating up

70ºC for a maximum of 2 hours, or heating up to 100ºC for a maximum of 15 minutes.

(Performed migration test in olive oil 10 days at 40ºC, simulant A 50% ethanol and simulant B 3% acetic acid).

Not suitable for use in conventional ovens or grill.


Features of PVC film food contact:

Keep food fresh Bright and transparent

Available widths: From 300 mm to 900 mm. To consult

Storage conditions:

Maximum time: 12 months.

Ideal storage temperature between 10 and 20º in a dry environment with a relative humidity not higher than 75%.

Permissible tolerance according to the standards of our production: coil width of + -1cm, thickness + - 12%, length 5%

and weight + -5%.


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